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that strategically convert customers for small businesses

We know how hard you work and we know that finding the means to invest in your site comes with sweat.
That’s why we’re here: to help your business grow with smart and effective marketing strategies.

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01. we do


Branding is the art of aligning what you want people to think about your company with what people actually do think about your company. We are here to make sure that your Branding speaks absolutely highly of you.


We’ll build you an online powerhouse to rise the attention that your small business or startup gets.


A complete E-Commerce system made to significantly increase online sales and revenue.

Online marketing

Digital Marketing Strategies to attract more traffic and convert more leads to paying customers.

02. working process



Ask for a 30 minute session with one of our specialized ninjas for free, and find out what we can do to help your business fly high.


Strategy Session

The minute your project start we begin with a personalized session to analyze strategies, understand your goals and discuss which tactics will better suit your business.


Conversion Plan

Here is when we’ll trace a substantial conversion strategy to secure that the online presence we will create will lead you towards your business expectations.


Design & Development

Time to roll up our sleeves and get our design and development experts to add value to your site: the beginning of a digital force that we’ll make sure it’s qualified to bring more results.


Sales Copywriting

Then we will investigate which SEO language and keywords are better to drive more leads from Google and to speak straight to your target audience’s hearts. We’ll work hard creating attractive website copy. Your new, awesome content will take form while you follow and approve the whole process in real time.



You’ll get a call from our technical support people to go over our CMS platform and get advised of some hacks to squeeze until the last drop of value from your new online home.


Go Live

After we test it all, your new sales website will kick off and start converting real results and more profits.

Taggito Pic
Vaibhav Puri – Taggito

“In the first 6 months applying Elumina’s strategies we already reached 50.000+ monthly visits on our website!”


Elumina Portfolio: Taggito

online strategy + website

03. we’ve done


Elumina Portfolio: TicTaskDo

branding + app design + website

Fotos Públicas

Elumina Portfolio: Fotos Públicas

branding + online strategy + website


Elumina Portfolio: C.Artes

branding + website

Elumina clients: C.Artes
Johnny Bangel – C.Artes

“The website that Elumina built for C.Artes helped us meet our business goals 27% faster than we expected.”


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